Going on a ridiculous adventure to become homesteaders and move overseas for better medical care.

Urban Yolk was brought about by the desire to grow our own produce and create home meals that leave you feeling all warm inside. Charl and myself, Giulia, have both had a knack for creating wholesome homemade meals coupled with the immense desire to live off the land which gave us the starting point to create the journey to our homestead.

Currently, we are living in South Africa so we have a long path ahead of us. Both of us have had a keen interest in having a homestead one day. I grew up mostly a city girl but had great influence from my mom and grandparents in the way of growing plants and cooking food. Charl grew up in small towns and even running a small scale pig farm as a step to learning the skills of farming.

We wish to share our journey from a regular city living to a small homestead. As a content writer and a graphic designer, we have been able to create a great world for our creativity and desire to live off the land flourish. As we enter the final stages of preparation for moving overseas we wanted to share our experience in reaching an almost impossible goal.

Our goal is to end up overseas on a homestead, settle, and if we can dream really big have our own small scale farm, using the skills we have as well as those to come in the future. We hope you enjoy coming along for the ride.