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I am a keen garden and cooking enthusiast. I love writing about our journey and hearing about other people's experiences along the way.

December 2020

Meatballs with Gravy and Roasted Potatoes


I am not sure what prompted me to make such meals, but I believe my time in Switzerland and the influence of German food certainly played a role. This tantalizing dish, meatballs with gravy and roasted potatoes, has become something of a staple around the house. This recipe is based on the ingredients we [...]

Meatballs with Gravy and Roasted Potatoes2020-12-14T17:46:03+02:00

September 2020

Plants are Growing, Quails are Laying, & The Homestead is Cooking


It was a very tiring Winter season. The cottage in which we currently live is made from stone and has no insulation. In the past this was alright as the cold period was short and mild. As things have been changing each year has had a slightly more drastic change in temperature during the [...]

Plants are Growing, Quails are Laying, & The Homestead is Cooking2020-09-22T16:18:18+02:00

June 2020

Peanut Butter & Honey Roast Chicken with Vegetables


The Chicken Considering that I do not care for peanuts, well rather I really dislike eating them to the point that most things containing whole peanuts are close to inedible for me, it would be peculiar in anyone’s eyes that I make and enjoy this dish. Some things with peanut butter in them are [...]

Peanut Butter & Honey Roast Chicken with Vegetables2020-06-17T16:25:48+02:00

Weekend Visit with Great Food


Urban Yolk Set Menus We had quite a pleasant weekend when my dad, Michael, came to visit. It was very cold over the weekend and has been progressively getting colder. Living in a stone cottage with no insulation and the standard “thin lizzy” windows here in South Africa makes for an extremely cold home [...]

Weekend Visit with Great Food2020-06-09T13:55:23+02:00

May 2020

Pizza for Dinner


Dough, Sauce, Toppings As I have come to realize over the years, there are less people who learn to make full dishes as children than I thought. One of the first things I learnt to make in my extreme youth was pizza. Obviously when you are still very young you are just an [...]

Pizza for Dinner2020-05-13T05:50:19+02:00

April 2020

Quick DIY Projects after Moving in


Moving is something Charl and I have done fairly regularly in our lives, Charl much more than myself. This is likely why we have settled in to our new home so quickly. Also the reason we are eager to find a place to settle down. Before getting too deep into unpacking the boxes we [...]

Quick DIY Projects after Moving in2020-04-24T14:03:53+02:00

Ten Tomatoes You May Not Know


Over the years, farmers, homesteaders and people with a keen interest have shaped the way we grow and consume food. We see some varieties of vegetables and fruit in the stores, yet we have very little available to us in terms of the variety that is accessible. Though not all varieties of fruit and [...]

Ten Tomatoes You May Not Know2020-04-24T14:05:27+02:00

March 2019

Passionfruit (Granadilla) Pound Cake


    I am not really one for cakes, well baking them. I have done far better with bread, pies and even pastries. However recently I have found a new interest in a different kind of baking. It has even added a rather interesting dimension to my own cooking.   The this recipe I [...]

Passionfruit (Granadilla) Pound Cake2020-04-24T14:04:52+02:00
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