Nourishment Through Diversity

Inspired by the love of good homemade food


Here at Urban Yolk we are passionate about inspiring the world to find a variety of ways to use and produce resources. It takes a great deal of change to go from standard urban living to totally zero waste. This is something that happens in stages. What we would like to address is the ability to grow your own food, home cooking and using diverse ingredients. We cannot always follow a recipe to the tee and so we look at different ways to improvise and what skills one can acquire to become the home cook they desire.

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Home-cooking for every Occasions

Growing your own Produce


There is much joy and excitement that comes with planting seeds. The growth and expectation of a delicious crop fills your mind.


Preparing a meal for family and friends has made us happy through the years. The joyful smile is a great reward. If you are looking for a simple date night meal or inviting in the whole neighbourhood we certainly hope you will impress with our delicious dishes.


Once you are ready to harvest your crops you may find yourself feeling a sense of accomplishment that gets to last for as long as your harvest does. A beautiful feeling. Especially when you get to create all sorts of dishes with the resources you have available.


There are a great deal of ways to process your harvest for longer storage. This depends on what has been harvested and what you want to do with them in the long run.

Ethical Farming

Though we love to enjoy food we must also recognize the limitations of our resources. For this reason, we source our ingredients from responsible farmers if not grown ourselves.

Food Preservation

One can store your food in a variety of ways. In our kitchen we explore preservation in fats/oils, with water bath canning, pressure canning, and fermentation. Whether you grown your own food or purchase it this skill can help when you have a large quantity of produce.

Fresh Ingredients

Using fresh and seasonal ingredients allows you to have so much variety in your kitchen. Variety in our agriculture and food consumption helps bring diversity back to our gardens while giving us the opportunity to indulge in some amazing overlooked ingredients.

Homemade Meals

We hope to inspire you in the kitchen. Food can be so many things, if you have the opportunity to enjoy the flavours in a new way why not take it?