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I am a keen garden and cooking enthusiast. I love writing about our journey and hearing about other people's experiences along the way.

Jan 2023

Family Cohesion Visa Checklist for Italy


This tumultuous journey of moving and applying for the family cohesion visa has been an interesting one. It has been an example of how no matter what you may have expected your life to be, there is always something unforeseen in your life. One thing after the other has created an interesting story that [...]

Family Cohesion Visa Checklist for Italy2023-01-14T16:35:47+02:00

A Trip to Milano for My Birthday and Our First Snow


It is hard to believe that it has only been a few months in Italy. Every experience just seems to condense itself. I have a hard time letting go and will probably only feel settled once we having less moving targets in front of us. For now though we managed to take some time [...]

A Trip to Milano for My Birthday and Our First Snow2023-01-11T14:38:22+02:00

Oct 2022

We Have Moved to Italy – All you need to Know


Moving to Italy was Quite the Journey I think it has been one of the most incredibly emotional journeys I have decided to take on. Having moved to Italy again has been like an intense enlightenment. Though it is not yet complete, the hardest part of it all has been done and now it [...]

We Have Moved to Italy – All you need to Know2022-10-21T10:38:33+02:00

Mar 2021

Processing Waterbuck and Warthog from a Local Farm


We have been moving more and more into a lifestyle that looks to combine minimalism, homesteading, self-sustainability and supporting local. Each year we have found ourselves getting closer and closer to our dream of being 80% self-sustainable and supporting local producers. Though where we stay is a magical place we cannot keep livestock and [...]

Processing Waterbuck and Warthog from a Local Farm2021-03-30T15:57:17+02:00

Meet the Cats of Urban Yolk


Where to begin... I suppose the best way would be to start with who came into our lives first and work our way from there. Each of the cats in our home were all in search of their forever home, sweetly known as the Cats of Urban Yolk. The decision to take them on [...]

Meet the Cats of Urban Yolk2022-03-06T11:09:06+02:00

Dec 2020

Udon Noodle Soup with Ostrich Steak


I know one thing the love of my life will never get sick of and that is udon noodles, particularly udon noodle soup. I have come to enjoy this dish immensely as well. For this reason, we keep a stockpile of udon noodles and all kinds of noodles. I also endeavour to learn and [...]

Udon Noodle Soup with Ostrich Steak2020-12-23T17:22:02+02:00

Meatballs with Gravy and Roasted Potatoes


I am not sure what prompted me to make such meals, but I believe my time in Switzerland and the influence of German food certainly played a role. This tantalizing dish, meatballs with gravy and roasted potatoes, has become something of a staple around the house. This recipe is based on the ingredients we [...]

Meatballs with Gravy and Roasted Potatoes2020-12-14T17:46:03+02:00

Sep 2020

Plants are Growing, Quails are Laying, & The Homestead is Cooking


It was a very tiring Winter season. The cottage in which we currently live is made from stone and has no insulation. In the past this was alright as the cold period was short and mild. As things have been changing each year has had a slightly more drastic change in temperature during the [...]

Plants are Growing, Quails are Laying, & The Homestead is Cooking2020-09-22T16:18:18+02:00

Jun 2020

Peanut Butter & Honey Roast Chicken with Vegetables


The Chicken Considering that I do not care for peanuts, well rather I really dislike eating them to the point that most things containing whole peanuts are close to inedible for me, it would be peculiar in anyone’s eyes that I make and enjoy this dish. Some things with peanut butter in them are [...]

Peanut Butter & Honey Roast Chicken with Vegetables2020-06-17T16:25:48+02:00

Weekend Visit with Great Food


Urban Yolk Set Menus We had quite a pleasant weekend when my dad, Michael, came to visit. It was very cold over the weekend and has been progressively getting colder. Living in a stone cottage with no insulation and the standard “thin lizzy” windows here in South Africa makes for an extremely cold home [...]

Weekend Visit with Great Food2020-06-09T13:55:23+02:00
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